will it utilize quad cores
my specs

3.7ghz q6600
4gb 1100mhz ddr2
710/1090 asus 4850

and btw would i be able to play japanese games on the pcsx2 emulator?

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It only uses 2 cores.

Your computer will run it just fine lol. I have the same system.. except not overclocked..

and yes it can play japanese games
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There is no plan to implement support for quad cord at the moment.
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PCSX2 is regionfree (answering his second question) and yeah, you'll be able to run games nicely with that CPU. That's damn nice OC hehe
It would take too many time and it will be only small speed boost.
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why would it only provide a small speed boost, wouldn't it double the speed (at same clock speed) it done right

anyway at your speed you should have no problem running games at full speed
No it wouldn't.In fact if you don't understand the complexity don't make ridiculous statements like 'double the speed'...that's actually implausible!
There would be HUGE overhead when splitting the working threads from 2 to an additional 2,to keep everything in sync.Not to mention about 80% of the emulator would have to be rewritten and if you take a look at the source,this is not a small program Tongue
In the end,it could even end up slower...
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