will this hurt my laptop ?
Hi guys

I'm currently playing Radiata Stories using PCSX2

at the beginning the events were slow and the game play wasn't that good either so i did the following , FrameSkipping > Constant Skipping > Frames to draw :1 , Frame to skip : 2 , then my FPS increased to about 80 which is good but my laptop's fan started running faster (obviously)

my question is , would that hurt my laptop on the long run ?
like if i play for around 2-3 hrs a day


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PCSX2 Produces a lot of heat on Laptops so fan will obviously start rotating faster. Get a Cooling PAD better. I would not reccomend pcsx2 for laptop users generally.

I don't think it will damage your Laptop right now.
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definetely would reccommend a cooling pad, for anywhere between 20-40 $ you can pick up a pad to sit underneath the lappy with vents and a fan to pump some extra cool air into it
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My Chinese one costs $5. Generally the temperature decreases 3 - 5 degree Celcius.
(08-15-2012, 05:37 AM)Livy Wrote: My Chinese one costs $5. Generally the temperature decreases 3 - 5 degree Celcius.

why do you put in the first place Laugh
Depends on exactly how hot your laptop's components get.

Have you or do you ever monitored the temps when playing?
You ever check back on those temps after ~30 minutes to an hour?

It's not eally a big deal if it feels hot to you;
These things are made to run in and withstand a good amount of heat.
To be anymore precise, we need those numbers..! Wink
thanks for the help guys

I'll get the cooling pad


actually only the left side of the laptop gets hot (cuz that's where the fan is)
it doesn't really feel that hot but i get worried cuz my warranty will end after few weeks.
how do i measure the temp ?
If it doesn't even feel hot to you,
odss are it's ok.

But you should make sure. Smile

Use a program like HWMonitor or CoreTemp to check the temps of your hardware.
The processor may be your biggest concern.
See how hot it is after emulating for ~an hour.
The programs have a record of how hot the core(s) got.
here are the readings after 30mins:

[Image: temp.jpg]

i think i need a cooling pad cuz one of the cores reached 80C while its max is 84
*Looking at the pic and Wacko*

Congratulations you can use your CPU as a frying pan ! Smile

you seriously need to buy some cooling system !

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