windows 7 problem
ok here is the problem as followed

i have recently upgraded to w7 and now all my games are running at 80 steady.if i unlock the fps limiter i go over the 100 or even 200 fps so i dont get it why with limited enabled in the cpu config that all my games run at 80%....


amd phenomII 545 duo @ 3.8 ghz
4gb 800 mhz ram
nvidea 9800 gt 512 mb
windows 7

pcsx2 setup:

pcsx2 beta 1888
graphix dx10 bff blend (prefents shaking)
cpu - stock (as you open the zip folder)
no speedhacks

any help is apriciated Smile

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Can you post all the settings you have under "CPU" in Pcsx2? There shouldn't be any reason why windows 7 is forcing your games to play at 80% speed.
[Image: 2748844.png]
better make screenshot of "CPU" options, maybe you are missing something..
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As Koji said show us your settings, it's difficult to help without. For now I can guess you either set a different "Custom FPS Limit" in CPU options (should be 0) or you enabled "Vsync" in GSdx.
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I believe what the OP is saying is that his games are playing at 80fps instead of 50/60fps even with framelimiter on. Try checking if you have specified a different framelimit on the cpu settings windows.
Or delete the pcsx.ini in the configurations folder.
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No, he clearly said 80% speed but it doesnt matter as all suggestions before still apply.
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here is a pic of the configuration

[Image: Untitled-3.jpg]
Make sure Vsync ins off in the configuration settings of GSdx and that it's off in your drivers, as others said before me.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
i kinda solved the problem but it has nothing to do with v-sync. apearenly it doent like to be in 85 hertz mode O.o when i go to 60 hz then i got 60 fps O.o
Which means v-sync is on.

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