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3 months ago i bought an hp pavilion dv6 with 8gb ram. It came with windows 7 home premium 64 bit. Things were fine for a short while and then windows starting hanging and crashing. I was using pcsx2 to run final fantasy 10 and it was working fine, until recently. It used to crash a few minutes after i loaded the game and sometimes it caused windows to crash with with the blue screen. In the end i formatted and put windows 7 enterprise 32 bit

things were fine again and i was happy, but my happiness didn't last long. 5 days later the power on my motherboard and my laptop wouldn't turn on :-( it's now being repaired

i don't know if what happened was a coincidence or the 32 bit windows was mismatched with my 64 bit processor and that ruined the motherboard. Can that happen? After all my laptop is still new

when my laptop gets repaired i want to change the windows and put a different windows 7 and am undure which one

does anyone know a good one for my brand of laptop? I need the windows to remain stable with all the updates and not deteriorate and crash. I also need pcsx2 to always run smooth and not crash due to windows

is windows 7 ultimate 64 bit good and pcsx2 always running fine on it? Has anyone tested it on my brand of laptop

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feel better now? that you wrote it off you?

dunno what's the fault. remote diagnosis is impossible on that. could have been heat, faulty hardware (like cheap psu or batteries or memory), a craze onboard from transportation, faulty hp drivers or tools. too much.

usually windows is really safe to use. also the 32 or 64 doesn't matter. they both run flawlessly on it. all you need is matching hardware drivers. shouldn't be a problem to get them from the manufacturer. okay?

enjoy. Wink
may perhaps due to re-installation of the OS of course they set all in default e.g. DX,C++
i think you need to re-install also the latest DirectX redist and the Visual C++ 2008,2010 Redist.

well since it's a laptop if you touch and feel the laptop if it's very hot then i has a certain prob. that windows crush to blue screen.
better have some laptop cooling.

(12-14-2011, 06:59 PM)cns00 Wrote: is windows 7 ultimate 64 bit good and pcsx2 always running fine on it? Has anyone tested it on my brand of laptop

i have hp pavillion dv7 w/ win7 x64 it run pcsx2 just fine but the my temperature is a main factor i might stay put on my desktop.

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i guess my laptop overheated and that spoilt my motherboard. i played a lot of final fantasy 10 and it seems running the emulator a lot on my laptop was a heavy burden on it. i will get a cooling pad. if there is a fault with windows then it should only cause software problems and not hardware

question. what do you mean by updated directx redist and visual c++ 2008 and 2010 redist? windows 7 has directx 11. pcsx2 uses an older directx which has to be installed using dxwebsetup. also when pcsx2 is installed c++ is installed. can the directx and c++ be updated or they are left as they are?
Even though it is DX 11, That doesn't mean it's up to date. MS has released various patches/updates to DirectX runtimes, since Windows 7/DX11's release.

Here are the two links you need:

DX installer:
Visual C++ x86:
Note: that even though this is the X86 version, if you do go the x64 route (64bit) then you still need this package. as PCSX2 is an x86 Application.

Don't worry about switching from 32-bit to 64-bit. That will never cause an issue that results in your laptop frying. You can safely stick with 32bit (x86) windows.

A laptop cooler would be a good idea. Laptops tend to get hotter then desktops (harder to cool due to lack of airflow from compact size) That could have been what fried your board. Though there are so many things that can happen with PC hardware it isn't even funny.
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