winsows 7 compatible?
whenever i press the Run CD\DVD, the program crashes for no reason. i dont know why (im really new to this) could it be be because of windows 7? (i HATE windows 7!! *rage*)

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it's fully compatible with windows 7.
right click->run as admin
and update your directx too.
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i tried that. it doesnt seem to work. i am getting the same error again.
Try with pcsx2 0.9.7 instead of 0.9.6
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try the ff:
-turn off patches if you are using 0.9.6
-turn off cheats and patches if you are using 0.9.7
-set all settings to default
-if you're using the internal Cdvd of pcsx2-0.9.7 use the plug-in based CDVD
-does your VC++2010 and DirectX SDK June 2010 installed????
-post your config if still persist for investigation
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Probably it is installed in C:\Program Files (x86) and the Program Files folder is not compatible with windows 7 (or vista)...

Run as administrator can solve one or two special issues, installing in a non "specially protected folder" is an universal solution for PCSX2 and Almost every other game out there. Yet more strange because the user most of times is in the administrator group already.

It should be a crusade for every helping people to educate new users to avoid installing games in those folders. It's always easier to avoid problems from start than try and correct them afterward.

Although not clear it is the OP's actual issue, this is a greater chance to start in a more solid ground.
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now it doesnt crash. but when it takes me to this menu (see attachment) i cant select anything. im not sure what is wrong. i dont have a controller from a ps2 or any kind of console, only my mouse pad. what do i need to do to be able to work this thing?

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Select an actual game. That is the bios, it's the same thing you ever see when start your PS2 without a disk inside and the only thing you see.
Imagination is where we are truly real
And configure your controls with your keyboard,you dont rly need a PS2 pad
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ok, now im stuck again. i am looking through all of the patches. i found the one i need (Shadow Hearts) but i dont know how to get the game to play. what are the patches for, anyway? do i need the original disk? or can i play the game with just the patch?

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