with the new playground thing any one know if kingdom hearts 2 is playable yet?
The only problem with KH2 that i had was that it was so slooooow. Any one know if anything has been fixed for it yet? Thank you

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It's slow when munnie/hp/mp balls spawn,and that hasn't been fixed.
Wrong section too,you posted this in the official releases,not in the playground section,moved
Edit: Saw you made another thread,I'll delete it and leave this one
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i'm not sure if the slow drop thing would be a bug.
it sounds like just so-much items needing to be rendered/emulated that it causes the VUs or something to do alot of work, and slow emulation down alot.
on the latest builds with the 'profiler', you can see the %VU usage. i bet its really high when the items drop.
Oh wow. Because i finished KH1 and liked it alot then i bought KH2 without checking compatibility for pcsx2 lol ><
still got that receipt? =P

*smacks forehead: how on earth could you have THIS much faith in ps2 emulation?.. -.-;
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Lol its ok maybe one day it will work fine on pcsx2. I played KH1 perfectly and didnt think there would be much difference between KH1 and KH2 emulation wise Tongue
Yes Thundas, on new rev compile it runs perfectly with no more glitches ^^

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