would it be possible to get a section for known good configurations?
there is a lot of good info on here about how to get games working, but I've noticed that there isn't any kind of magic catch all setting.

just about every single game needs a different set up to play, from my experience it takes hours to dial in a game to perfection but then changing to a different game requires another cluster of hours and by the time I'm done with the second game I've fiddled with so many things that I cant remember what I changed from the first game and have to re-dial it back in if I want to go back to playing it.

can we get a "KGC" (known good configuration) section where people can post their settings and system specs on individual games?

the way I figure it we would need the KGC forum it's self then two sub forums: one fore AMD processors and one for Intell chips.

(sub-subforums for ATI and Nvidia within each AMD/Intell subforum would just be excessive as CPU's seem to have more impact on PCSX2's performance than GFX cards)

inside the subforums people could start threads for specific games (if a thread isn't already there) and then post their system specs, the PCSX2 settings they used to get the best result, and the average FPS resulting from those settings. (if a game thread already exists then people would just post within that thread to add to the list.)

then whenever someone needed the setting for a game they could just reference the game thread to find an appropriate game setting. even if there isn't an entry for your exact system you could use someone else's similar setting as a guide for setting up your own.

in the end I think something like this would clear up alot of the "how do I get game X to work" repetitious threads as most of them are just looking for the right setting instead of having an actual bug to report.

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It'll be in a more prominent spot sooner or later.. Tongue2
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EDIT: Beat me to it! Smile
Every system is different, even the stepping of the CPU or the motherboard chipset can make slight differences.

My best advice is to note what's working for you on paper or something so that way whenever you switch between games you have your own paper database of 'known working configurations' (the ones guaranteed to actually work for you because you've tested them yourself)

I spent a lot of time at first tweaking, now I know what works and I spend more time playing FFX on PCSX2 0.9.7 than I do trying to get it to execute at or beyond real-time. (It does but I'm getting false framerate readings.. [almost double what I'm actually getting, like 30-50 FPS] no biggie though, there are really no glitches otherwise than an occasional freeze or crash.)
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