would this hp gaming laptop be great for pcsx2
I was thinking about this razorblade-  https://www.amazon.com/Razer-Blade-Gamin...87BQRXN9T6

or this Alienware - https://www.amazon.com/Alienware-Gaming-...653&sr=8-4

I recently started to like razorblades, I love their slim and powerful designs and alienwares were always my dream laptops but both are $1,000+ and idk if I should really spend that much because I'm a little short on cash. I was going to make monthly payments. 

but recently i saw this hp gaming laptop https://www.amazon.com/HP-15-6-inch-Anti...cs&sr=1-12

it's $653 so about half the price of the other two and the specs looks good. But is the razorblade and alienware really that much better? Do you it would be good on pcsx2? ArWill it be able to play any game you throw at it, and at a good speed constantly?

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This HP notebook have only 2.3 GHz Celeron 3865U. For some games, he does not have enough power. Other characteristics of the laptop are quite acceptable. So you better find something similar, but with a BASE (not turbo boost) frequency 3+ GHz CPU.

And yes - Razer Blade and Alienware are much better.
That hp has an Core i5-8300H.. that has a stp of 2300.. more than sufficient for most games.
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The alienware and razer blade will both be faster in some tasks, but the 8300H is perfectly fine in most games you can run in PCSX2 and the few edge cases I doubt the 9750h would fair much better anyways.

The cooling on that laptop is pretty good (it gets fairly loud) but keeps temps in check and only minimal "throttling" (well not maintaining max boost speeds) under heavy sustained loads (like back to back to back cinebench runs).

The other 2 laptops will show their advantages in other things like more multi threaded emultors (CEMU and RCPS3), some native windows games (though the 1050ti might limit you more then the 8300h in native pc games), and other heavily multithreaded workloads.

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