x2 245 or x3 435?
I will make small upgrade and i was wondering which proc is better?I knwo that emu use 2 core only and mhz of both are equal.So both must have equal performance but...X2 has 1mb cache each core and x3 have 512 only.Does cache memory matter to the emu performance or not?because of pc games at all i want to buy x3 but if emu will work better on x2 will buy it instead.

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I think you mean 512 each core of the x3.

I would personally go for the x3.
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Yes of course each core.My mistake.
If it's only for PCSX2, get the X2. If you plan on playing other games, get the X3. In any case, consider overclocking the CPU. I got my Athlon II X2 240 to 3,5GHz very easy. And it runs PCSX2 very well.
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Of course i will clock it.But i play and PC games too so will by x3 maybe.Only thing that worried me is that x3 has less cache...
Don't worry about it. PCSX2 doesn't really care about cache size so you will probably see 0 difference in speed because of the lower cache
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Aha thanks.That the answer i was wait.I was almost sure about cache size doesnt matter but preffer to ask before buying.
yeah, I'd go with the Triple-Core

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