x64 version of PCSX2?
Is there any possibility of a 64 bit version of PCSX2? I've noticed that 64bit Dolphin runs far faster than its 32 bit counterpart. A lot of my games are just shy of full speed (DMC1 and Okami run at about 55 fps, which is just maddening, since they're playable but I don't want to run them that way when I still have a perfectly good PS2), but admittedly that's a personal problem.

With almost all recent CPUs being 64 bit, when can I expect there to be a 64 bit optimized PCSX2?

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There is no 64bit version of PCSX2 and there is unlikely to be one in the near future.
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blame cotton, ;p he doesn't want to learn/do the changes necessary for x64 building.
The whole team is against x64 Tongue2
(Well, I heard Gabest would like x64 Tongue2 )
yeah, but blaming cotton comes easy Laugh
Blaming cotton may be easy, but blaming Gabest would be fun. I'm thinking something like "You're just not pushing for it hard enough!". Laugh
more like the others aren't pushing him hard enough to do it himself Laugh
Laugh Well, it's true what they say. That goes for you too, OP. Tongue
So I (and others) should push for it harder? Interesting. Well, most games run fine on my laptop, so I guess I don't have that big of a problem (the KH2 1000 heartless battle runs at 60fps throughout for me, and I swear it actually lagged a bit on the actual PS2).
Ivy will have new or more AVX extensions/instructions, maybe that will motivate him =)

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