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xbox 360 controller w/usb connection not working
(09-06-2014, 09:31 PM)Dark Infernape Wrote: This is how i have my Lilypad Setup.
Ive Assigned XBox360 Controller to Pad1 and Keyboard to Pad2.

Change your the setting to match the image below and try.

Oh and Click Refresh in the lilypad window a few times if the Controller isn't being detected.

Right, I've done everything you said, and I've even installed the xbox 360 drivers but the controller is not responding on the PC for some reason and I can't find a fix.

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Definitely plug it in directly. I don't know what you mean by connecting it with a "charger" but if you mean what I think, it wouldn't have the connectors to transmit the data, only power.
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Yeah, I think you need a special adapter for the wireless controllers.
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Lol, Blyss I wrote some huge 250 word paragraph of crap when you came and obliterate me. He's absolutely right, if you use the Play and Charge kit for a Wireless Xbox 360 controller it won't work, because the cable transfers power not input.


You either need an actual wired Xbox 360 controller

or This wireless receiver
Thanks, and sorry for wasting your guys time, I wasn't aware that I needed a receiver.
Don't worry about it. I should have remembered from when I was setting up PCSX2 on my friends gaming rig.
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Many people think that the Play & Charge kit is also a data cable, but nope it is not. I bought a Wireless Receiver for the 360 on for 10 euro's with free shipping, ofcourse it's a clone, but it does work with the original ms drivers.

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