xenosaga eps1 problem
1.when i try to save i always sent to memcard menu screen
2.certain cutscene went black screen
i use 1.0.0 r5350, i use default setting
any suggestion?

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Can you post your emu log.
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[Image: xeno1error_zps9d212ac9.png]
Emulog.txt isn't necessary it's a bug in the game, if you want to save in this game use savestates. It seems to be only the save stations in the beginning of the game and some later in the game, so always make sure that you use save stations, also try to search for other posts about this issue, to see which ones are 100% faulty/buggy.
Yeah. I have been playing for around 20 hours using the Save anywhere cheat and it suffers from the same type of "random" save dropping you into the BIOS type screen as the normal save points do so save states are the way to go. I usually do a save state and then try a mem card save too just in case the save state fails or becomes corrupted so I dont lose all my progress.
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and what about the black screen?
Certain cutscenes going to black? Using speed hacks?
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The save on elsa will boot you to bios and few other saves points but there always the same save points best to savestate before using save point to be safe till you fiqure out which save points are the bad ones. Old bug it not gona be fixed as they not sure what causing or fixing it would break stuff for other games. I not sure which it was

Blackscreens have your tried switching to software mode? think its f9 the switch? I do remember some of the cut scenes didnt play right when i last played threw the game was usual fixed by switching to software mode for them.
for speed hacks, i already try to deactivated it but it still black
the same goes for f9
just for information, the scene i mentioned is the scene after we depart from dock colony, it is a scene where shion sleep on a sofa and a mysterious voice calls her name, then the screen suddenly goes black, during this black screen we hear a conversation between shion and that mysterious voice, a few moments later the scene went back to normal showing shion still asleep on that sofa. according to youtube there is a scene where shion speaks to a mysterious girl during this black screen
Yah switching to software mode should fix those scenes Something might of broke in the newer svn

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