yugioh dor video glitching
        ok so im pretty new to this whole emulator thing but ive been trying to play yugioh dor and when i get into the actual battle screen i can see the whole map and all the controls work fine but when i scroll over my deck leader my screen goes red and i can only see the image of the deck leader. ive tried several different video plugins and played with all the settings. any ideas, im running and acer aspire m3970 windows 7 64 bit with intel i3-2100 cpu @ 3.1 GHz, 6 GB of ram intel hd graphics card with 1696 mb memory

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press f9 then?
Core i3 9100f 3.6Ghz
nvidia GT 1030
pcsx2 version-1.3.1  

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DoR only works with software mode, from what I remember
No nowadays it works also in HW if I remember correctly.
have you updated pcsx2?

I think before 1.0 or 1.2 this error was well-known. But atm I don't see those glitches anymore.
Hardware rendering should work fine (besides the camera issues when zooming in/out of cards). Which version of pcsx2 are you using?
I think the only problem for me was that the z-level of cards and HUD where mixed up when looking at the hand. I can not remember that the order was like this on the ps2. But I have not checked it.
Try setting a DX10/11 renderer in GSdx, this game has some exclusive DX9 bugs
[Image: newsig.jpg]
The red issue is caused by playing DX9 if I'm not mistaken. Changing it to DX10 or 11 should fix the issue. However, I'm fairly certain that you will encounter a problem when attacking monsters (the camera angles will be messed up) and this can be fixed with a cheat code.

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