zeroGS problem
hi i am trying to run naruto ultimate ninja 4 using zeroGS 0.97.1 but when i run the game all i get are black and white screens. the game keeps and audio keeps playing and it does not give any error & neither does it crash....this problem occurs with all the other games too
plz tell me how can i get the video to be displayed..
plz do not tell me to play with GSDX bcoz it is very slow (about 20-30fps) or even less with it
sorry for the bad english...

My specs are:-
intel Core 2 CPU 6300 @1.86 Ghz
3.0 gb RAM
Windows XP professional service pack 3
graphics card:- ATI HD2600 Pro

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wrong section, moving.
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Hi, I have ZeroGS and ZeroGS Cosmos and im playing Sonic Riders Zero Gravity and i have a graphical problem but everything is ok under the character's (sonic,shadow etc) hoverboard theres a black shadow triangle and i cant see why is it doing that ive tried other versions and it doesnt work
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