zeroSpu and D3D10? help anyone?
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I have to say I have read alot of the boards for help already but have found that the only way to get decent speeds on most of the games I can get to run is by using the ZeroSpu plugin and configuring it to mute.

I can deal with no sound if it means my games are playable but I would love sound if I could get it to run I have tried a few things but the games either slow to a crawl or the sound is really distorted.

As a side note I have a pixelshader3.0 compatible graphics card but if I try to run Direct3D 10 (hardware or Software) the emulator consistently crashes at the menus and the computer tells me that the graphics driver has failed and will restart thus shutting the emulator down.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.

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Well if it's only shader 3.0 compatible it means it doesnt support DX10 (DX10 uses 4.0) and that's why you get the crashes.
Sound itself shouldnt slow down the emulation much really, being distorted depends on the game and the speed you're running at.

Show us your PC specs, pcsx2 and plugin settings so we can help better and also tell us what game you're trying to run.
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I have been able to run the pal version of atelier iris: eternal mana at pretty much ps2 speeds but I want to run atelier iris 3 without it being miserably slow, I am running mainly the gsdx 1873 sse3 1.15 gpu and spu2x 1.2 spu and I have it set up on a laptop ( an near new inspiron 15, I realise the stats for this are low, but I have run it on a pretty decent pc and it does not seem to do any better) most games I run are doing ok but I have trouble with atelier Iris 3 and with rogue galaxy and dragon quest. I have been able to run a few games though that I am told are quite difficult with no troubles, perhaps there is a certain group of settings that help for these games or maybe they are just troublesome code?
Any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks
is it just me or he did know how to tell a specs and stuff??
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