zerogs - linux - persona 4 problem
The game runs, but the text, menus, and backgrounds do not appear. The game also runs slowly. A simple google search doesn't show others with an unplayable emulation of persona 4, so it could be a simple or basic mistake on my part.

Cpu: AMD Athlon 64
Gpu: ATI Radeon xpress 200
OS: Ubuntu 8.10

Graphics: ZeroGS Playground OpenGL 0.96.7
Sound: ZeroSPU2 Playground 0.4.6
Linuz Iso

Any help would be appreciated.

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Well, for X300 videocard such issues are normal. But you don't tell us pcsx2 revision and driver version. Also there is important stuff -- ZeroGS console output.
Try using GSdx graphic plugin instead that ZeroGS. I got persona 4 working fine with this plugin and every game i try running with ZeroGS half the textures just disappear, so GSdx FTW! =P
[Image: fs.png]
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HD 3850
He could not -- GSDX relay on evil proprietary DirectX.

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