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Full Version: Cant get PCSX2 to work....
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I have tried the different plugins, and its the same issue for all of them.

I try to run the game from my disc drive, the window opens but its blank.
Its the same with all plugins.

Im running on a Q6600 and an 8800 GT card.

any suggestions ?

first whats your pcsx2 config and wich version are you using?

Im using beta 1474

For config , u want my graphics config or anything else ?

Thanks and sorry if my questions are lame Sad
your pcsx2 config.
IM using Gsdx plugin SSE2, IM rendering in Drect3D9 hardware, everything else is default
try this run execute if on vista try run as admin mod
Im using XP and im the admin user
use another cdvd plugin try makeing an iso

and wich game are you trying to play? there is games that the emulator shows nothing so which game?
will try making an iso and let u know... any recommendations for a cdvd plugin ?

Ive tried god of war 2 and sly 2 so far

Show us your settings so we can help better, did you follow the configuration guide? is there anything showed in the pcsx2 console window while this happens?