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Full Version: SW mode faster than HW mode for Ace Combat Zero
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With the latest best of PCSX2 r1888 AC Zero and AC 5 are now playable, when I use SW mode 7 threads as I have an i7 AC Zero runs near max speed which is about 4-10 FPS faster than in HW mode (DX 9 or 10). Whats up with that? I never ever in my history of emulators seen SW mode run faster than HW mode?
You're using 7 threads with software,while in hardware only 1. Isn't it obvious why? Tongue
Yea, but I was reading a thread this morning I think it was the FAQ about how multiple GSDX threads aren't as beneficial as one would think.
Seems to be only AC Zero that gets the speedup with SW, rest are faster with HW. Nevertheless speedup is a speedup ill take itSmile Well done with r1888.
Yeah that's true. You will see minor speed increases after the 4th thread used, but there still is some speed increase. Also this can happen in games where the hardware mode hits some bug that slows it down tremendously.
Right, if your game makes GSdx hw use a lot of directx api calls, it'll slow down a lot..