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Full Version: pcsx2 Vice city stories (VCS) No Slow! No Lag!
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Yes indeed, after testing 0.9.6, too much lag for my old pc, many ppl said can not work with these kind of spec, blah blah ....Wacko

pentium core 2 duo 1.8ghzGlare
2gb ram
geforce 9500gt

then, the beta 1888 is out ! after some setting, smooth 50~60fps !Biggrin


Speed HackSadenable)
Use x2 cycle rate
INTC sync hack
IOP x2 cycle rate
idle Loop Fast forward
status flag hack
min/max hack
VU cycle stealing (full) !!

cdvd rom plugin:
linuz (so i can mount my ps2 dvd hard disk, faster speed!)Cool

Thanks ! pcsx2 does Rock! i will try LCS liberty city later (i havent bought that game yet)Happy
Just make sure you never report any crashes you might get.
You basically enabled all speedhacks, which makes your emulated ps2 more like an SNES in terms of power Tongue2
but actually whats for speedhacks?
is it a over tunning of pcsx2 ? not stable hacks?
why not consider as proper parts of the core programming ?
It is not proper emulation. Hacks mean we are doing things wrong, to get speed boosts. That leads to games crashing or having problems (but depending on the hack, some have no side effects)
I get fullspeed on this game,too.