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Full Version: What am i doing wrong?! Bad FPS.
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Ok, I've researched everything, all different kinds of plugins, EVERYTHING!
And i get the worst FPS on almost any game i run. The main games im trying to play is shadow of the colossus and FFX, and on both games, once in-game, i usually get a lousy 15-25 FPS, which is horrible, unplayable, and choppy as heck.

My computer specs...

CPU - Intel Pentium 4 - 631, 3.00 GHZ, overclocked to 3.45 GHz
- Instructions: SSE, SSE2, and SSE3 (NOT SSSE3)

Video Card - Nvidia 250 GTS 1024MB Cache

and 4 GBs of RAM (DDR2) but limited to 3.25 cuz im running XP SP2

I have alrdy updated to latest directX.

Current PCSX2 VErsion: (svn) Sep. 24th 2009
Graphics Plugin: GSDX 0.1.15 (SSE2).

I have tried many combinations of settings, but have had no luck.
someone please help me out, thank you.

Here are all my settings.

PCSX2 needs a strong dualcore cpu to run fast. Your cpu is just a single core, and also a (somewhat slow) Pentium 4 type.
25FPS is a LOT for that cpu already and can only be achieved by enabling all possible speedhacks (and thus likely breaking the games).

So yeah, upgrading your pc is the only way to get this faster.
yeah i was hoping that wasn't the case, 3.45 GhZ is a lot, but its not dual core. See the thing is, i always thought it was dual core though because in my task manager under the performance tab it shows two windows next to CPU usage, which means theres 2 cores. I'm actually a computer technician so i know a bit about it, but trying to run this PCSX at optimal FPS is just not working.
It's just hyper threading. It doesn't really have 2 cores.

Oh, and if you're enabling all the speedhacks, it could be slowing down some of the games that you would otherwise be able to run at tolerable speeds. I'm sure the VU cycle stealing actually slows down a lot of games (but reports higher FPS). The EE sync hacks also tends to slow down one game I have tried, or at least makes it look like it's skipping a lot of frames (DBZ Infinite World).

From what I have experienced, the least demanding game I have tried on PCSX2 is Marvel VS Capcom 2. I was able to run it at fullspeed back when I was just using a C2D e4300 (1.8 ghz, 1mb L2)