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Full Version: Splinter Cell Double Agent
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Is there anyway i might be able to play it online with PCSX2? (PS2 version of course)

it works very nice btw! a few graph glitch here and there but it runs very nice and steadyBiggrin

netplay under pcsx2 is at alpha stages.

I don't think you would get satisfying results, though.
thought i'd reuse this thread rather than make a new one - i just got SCDA and it runs perfectly so far at fullscreen (a bit dodgy in windowed mode though) and i've reconfigured all the bindings to work just like the pc version but i cant control my speed. apparently i need to 'tap' the whistle key to slow and 'tap' inventory key to go fast, but tapping doesnt work. i've messed around with combinations of sensitivities and dead zones and no luck. any ideas?
Can't find anything too. Just aiming in precise mode.

I attaching config with most of keys bound

Necros make it easy to see how long jesalvein is already part of this forum keeping everything clean...

Btw. Pressure sensitivity was discussed many times. Having a quick search could solve problems.
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