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Full Version: Tales of the Abyss - Ingame Menu Freeze
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Ok, I used the search and It brought up nothing
I searched several ways for it and it never showed so everyone knows.

The Issue is the Ingame Menu where you can see character status and such freezes when It has a drop down like in System Battle and Library. Those 3 menu's freeze when there drop down part opens up. The game dosn't freeze but I can't move the the selection anywhere and I can't enter any menus
Do you have advanced settings on it's defaults? what is your pcsx2 settings?
Would you PLEASE first try the default settings before posting here?
Your last issue report was a dud like this one as well, you're wasting our time with this.

Edit: No need to come back and say "Oh, that worked", we know it does.
Rama please stop assuming cause I do have them on Default if all your gonna do is assume you know exactly what is going on and what I have please don't bother posting. I asked for help not you gunning at me.

I'll post them when I get home Shadow Lady, I've used default and gone and tried others as well let me get home and I'll put up the images
I recently played through Tales of the Abyss and I had problems with freezing similar to what you described. I played around with different settings and none of them really seemed to change it much. Then I noticed that the farther I got into the game, the less the freezes would occur. After about 20 hours I think it froze once during the rest of the game (40 hours).