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Full Version: Avoid Emulator Halting?
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I'm trying to uh.. Well in PS2 terms, load a DVD, eject it, then load another while the PS2 is running. I noticed when I press escape to load a different image, the plugins halt, so it's useless.. Is there a way around this? I'm probably just not looking hard enough. :x

I just tried running the first image, then going into the Cdvdrom settings and changing it to the next image, then running -> executing, and the first image is still running. So either that's not how it's supposed to happen or the second image just isn't working properly..?
PCSX2 doesn't have proper disc swapping support, yet.
Well if it's a completely different game, what you wanna do is click "Run > Reset". That's the equivalent to resetting the console, and then it will reboot the console with the image currently setup in Linuz.
Ahhhh nevermind, it had to do with the way I ripped the game, I fixed it.