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Full Version: Optimal specs?
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My specs are (completely un-Oc'ed)
2.20 Ghz AMD Phenom 9500 Quad Pro
4550 Radeon Graphics (DX10.1)
4 GB's of RAM

Now i plan on oC'ing my CPU and GPU soon but i'm just wondering if this is good enough to play games with suitable Fps? (I plan to OC my GPU to around
2.40Ghz if i can, maybe more)

Main games in question would be Kingdom hears (one and two+mix) that i got from my caring friend because i've never played them before @[email protected];;

I've emulated before (GBA,N64,NDS,PS1 even) but i've been told that PSX2
is a bit (or alot?) tougher to get max Fps in.

So would my system do good (before and after oclocking)
Your processor and you graphic card are both on the slow side(OC would definatly help you), but you might get playable to full speed on the not so demanding games. Im not 100% sure since I dont have Kingdom Hearts but I think they are fairly easy to emulate.
Playable for most PS2 games on PC? 3ghz+. You won't get that CPU that fast... The first generation of phenoms were terrible overclockers.
Yep the Phenom I is a pain to overclock...I recommend you get a Phenom II or Athlon II, they will perform much better in PCSX2.