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Full Version: Profile Selector ?
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Hello all,

First of all if there already was a thread like this please feel free to delete this one (i d'idnt find any) second if it is not in the proper section, my apologies.

I was thinking the other day while configuring for the 50th time the emulator for yet another game, why not integrate an emulator settings selector for the game that you are actually running (an autodetect function via the emulator wich reads out the SLES, SLUS, etc... code from the game and accordingly loads the settings set to that secific game), or a manual profile save load function wich lets you load a settings file wich has all the information of the emulator settings and plugins used. (Those setting files should include, All plugins used and their settings, cpu settings, speedhacks, and so on...).

I know that the devs are pretty busy with the emulator as it is, i just wanted to get this of my mind and share it with you but since i lack any proper programmation knowledge i d'ont know what would be the work involved.

As said this is just an idea and i would like to know what the devs think about this Smile

Thank you for reading this post an keep up the great work Laugh

(an example of what i'm trying to say can be seen in the Project64 emulator wich lets you edit the game settings for each game individually, not as far as to set plugins and so on but lets you choose settings on the emulation core level)
(12-14-2009, 08:14 PM)vsub Wrote: [ -> ]Did you tried this.

That's exactly what i meant sorry for bothering you guys :/
(was not looking in the right place)

thanks for the link Vsub.