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Full Version: Just a poor noob trying to cheat...
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Hello! Ive been trying to get some cheats working for the last 4 hours or so. I keep getting a "EE Bus Error". Heres the codes Ive been trying to use.

gametitle=Ar Tonelico [SLUS_214.45] (US) NTSC
comment=patches by Jlagreen

//comment=Max/Inf Money

//comment=Bargan Bin

//comment=After Battle Extra 100 EXP (Adds Ontop what each Character gets)

//comment=After Battle Extra 100 Money (Adds Ontop of what u get)

If someone can fix what I have been doing wrong or point me in the right direction I whould be really happy!
Try changing "word" for "extended", what's the original code?
....I thought i tried that...but I tried it again just to be shure and it works! Thanks! I feel even stupider now!