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Full Version: PCSX2 + CUDA = possible?
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Hey, I know that this may be a stupid question but I am intrigued by the hype that CUDA is getting lately. I think if this was worth it, then the devs would have implemented it or started to. But I just have to ask because my curious side is eating me.

Feel free to beat on me if this is retarded. But is there any benefit at all for adding support for CUDA processing in PCSX2? Instead of having 2-4 cores handling the many PS2 CPU's, we can have many midget CPU's tackle this work load on? (I know it sounds retarded, and it may not even work that way.)

A lot of applications are starting to really benefit from CUDA processing, like Photoshop and CoreAVC. I don't mean to piss anyone off, I am just looking for an answer, be it technical or in lower terms. Thank you for hearing me out.
FAQ. Read it.
Ahh, I guess that makes sense. The PS2 is just too complex for that technology. Of course you all think of these things long before I do. Thank you for the information!