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Full Version: FFX crash at Bikanel Island
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After 2 hours of trouble, trying everything, reading all the posts on the forum, finally I decide to post here...

Like title, I'm at Bikanel Island, where Riku said that Yunie will die..

The pcsx2 just crash there with GSdx D9 - GSdx D10 - ZeroGS, every audio plugin...
I've read on this forum that the latest beta doesn't have this problem, so I decided to follow this advice and use my saves there but....

I've 2 problems:

1. The latest beta just crash when I add my FFX patches
2. Without patches, FFX just say that there are no saves on Memory Card (but if I start with nullDVD plugin, the Bios just shows me all my saves Blink )

This is my pnatch file:

Quote:gametitle=Final Fantasy X Italia [SCES 50493] (I)
// italian version uses US savegames (SLUS 20312)
comment=patch by frigeriod
// Infinite Guil
//albhed translated
// Have Infinite Item

Maybe the first patch just made my saves different from original one, so the new beta doesn't load them... I don't know...
I just want to continue my FFX with my patches, but I can't...

How can I do?
Thank you

P.S. My specs:
PCSX2 0.9.6
Windows 7 64bit

AMD Phenom 2 X4 955
4GB DDR3 2000Mhz
GeForce 8600GTS 128MB GDDR3
With other 2 hours of work finally I've done ^^

First of all I've loaded 0.9.6 and saved to memcard
Then I've discovered that the Save patch just work fine with beta, so I can reload my save with the beta
I've passed Bikanel with beta and then saved to memcard
Then I've reloaded with old 0.9.6 and get my patches working fine ^^

I can continue my game now, but if someone has a way to get my patches working with the beta, will be the best!

Thank you anyway!
maybe ur patch is not compatible with the latest beta..
anyway there's an editor of FFX savegame
much easier rather then using the patch..
i use patch to skip video only