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Full Version: Why does the emulator lag?
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I don't understand why the emulator should lag on my computer. Maybe I had done something wrong while configuring it.

My computer specs are as follows:
HP Pavilion
Intel [R]
Pentium [R] D CPU 3.20GHZ
3.00 GB of RAM
288 GB of ROM 50% used
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS

I hope someone can help me.
Thank you
By lag I mean it runs extremely slow, at the best of times it will be 30 FPS, but usually its 15-20 FPS.
don't expect good speed
both cpu and GPU is weak for running pcsx2
on such 3d games it's indeed may run very slow
2d games is near-fair like Harvest moonWackoTH,MVC2 and any ATLUS games
Oh alright, I thought maybe I had made a mistake while configuring it. What kind of specs would be good to run a game at about 40 FPS?
Just from those specs I can tell you to tick the "native" checkbox in GSdx's settings.

The recommended specs for pcsx2 are a core 2 duo 3.2Ghz cpu with a 8600gt graphics card (9600gt/9800gt if you want to run higher than native resolution) or their AMD similar parts.
It's slow because your system is below the requirements both cpu and gpu wise to use PCSX2 decently
Quote:What kind of specs would be good to run a game at about 40 FPS

some games won't reach 40 fps even when using a c2d 3.ghz

It's really game-dependant
..And you'll want 50fps for PAL games, or 60fps for NTSC games. Everything else isn't really enjoyable much.
So yeah, depending on the game you need a core2duo 2.4Ghz (easy to run game) up to core2duo 4.5Ghz (the tough ones Tongue2 ).

Edit: And yeah, I know you cannot even buy the 4.5Ghz one (only heavy overclocking gets you there). It's the way it is, sorry Tongue2