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Full Version: Shadow of the Colossus freezing during ending.
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It's probably SIF cycle voodoo. We did tweak it in the 0.9.7 SVN, and the deranged audio effects would indicate SIF dma emulation errors.
We tweaked so much more over 0.9.6 that it's become impossible to pinpoint a likely problem.
Well, I wanted to play this game once anyway.. Tongue2
Excuses! You know the two most likely causes of any regressions are either SIF or VIF cycle voodoo. But of course those also fix other games and act as a general speedup, so it's lot like you we say "teh omg it sucks Sad" ... it's just annoying cycle voodoo as always.
This is 0.9.6 "Yes I'm a year old edition". We changed kinda everything! Tongue2
And really, this kinda game does either work or not, right from the beginning.
If it fails in the ending Excl, it's 99% not a cycle thing.
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