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Full Version: Process Memory Editor of PCSX2?
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Hey guys,

I recently found this video on Youtube. It shows a scene of Persona 4, which is not really implemented into the finished game. In the notes it is said, that the one who made the video "Accessed this scene by using the process memory editor in PCSX2.". What is this^^? I never heard of or saw this. It seems to be pretty complicated and advanced, but I'd be very grateful if someone could tell me what this is and how/where I can find it. Because it sounds very interesting and I couldn't find anything about it, neither here at the forum nor at Google Code.
That's basically cheats for games, in pcsx2 legacy gui you can find them in "misc > patch browser/finder" no idea how you can get the hidden scenes tho. There is a lot of removed scenes and stuff in games it's just a matter of finding them how to play them but ionno how Tongue2
Thanks Lady!

Well, perhaps Google can give me some tips how to find scenes like that. Or I ask the one who made the video. He even seems to be a German^^.
xD He even seems to be "a German" you make it sound like a bad thing.
also interesting I never had something like "reverse" or "broken" XD links how do you get them or aren't they implemented in normal gameplay?
They are, for reversed you just gotta be mean usually and I think you can only get this with some social links (only link I got one of those with was Ai Ebihara cause she deserved it xD) not sure how to get broken one but yes it is in normal gameplay.