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Full Version: solution for random crashes
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Hi there, I had random crashes regardless of the game I was playing and thought I might share the solution i found.

I looked into event log to see what was the reason for crashing and saw it was related to spu2-x plugin. the xaudio 2 setting. switch to directsound and the emu will be stable again.

my specs:
core2quad 9550
Geforce GTX 280
windows 7 64bit
Want to list which games? Oh and SPU2-X/PCSX2 version It might help debugging the plugin ( if this is valid that is)
The games I tried are:
FFX-2 (which runs slow anyway, and FMVs are buggy)
Kingdom hearts

Happened on both 0.9.6 and r1888

spu2-x version is 1.2.0

hope it's helpful, for more info just ask Smile
Yeah that's definitely your system. My best guess would be bad sound card drivers causing the crashes. I've tested all these games and never got a single crash with SPU2-X set at XAudio2
Hey! I know this is an old thread but it helped me ALOT. The OP's solution fixed random crashes for Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (and probabaly the whole trilogy!). Thanks! Hope this fixes any problems you have with the game.
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