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Full Version: Need ways to speed Okami
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E2200 Dual Core 2.20 Ghz

I've tried many things, I usually stay between 35-40 fps. I use the 0.9.6 and it gives me the 35-40, if I run the 1888 version the speed decreases. I thought the 1888 was an improvement, based on all of the comments I've seen. But to no avail.
You need to overclock your CPU. No other way you'll get good FPS in Okami.
I'm getting pretty good fps on it right now with 1888. Its very playable. I was hoping to get up to 50. Ugh I just hate how modern emulators are so cpu dependent. Hell, these days a big cpu is more important than a graphics card >.>
It has always been that way with most emulators, due to the nature of emulation
(02-24-2010, 09:08 AM)Bositman Wrote: [ -> ]It has always been that way with most emulators, due to the nature of emulation

I oc'd my cpu to 300 MHZ and its running in turbo mode now >.> as in faster than 60 LOL! Anyway to stable lize this?
Config->CPU Set frame limiter to Limit
Bosit...I'm telling you man, you should really put a sticky up on those with mid-end CPUs. There are ways to make PCSX2 run at full speed. I turned the limiter to 45 FPS and I'm getting full speed with FFXII. I'm going to try out Okami now. Setfsb made all of this possible, and your frame limit suggestion, thank you.
Uh if you set a frame limit to 45 FPS it is NOT full speed. Full speed is 50 fps for PAL games and 60fps for NTSC/JAP games.
I use frame limit 45 because if I turned it to 60 then the frames would go a little to fast. Same with turning it to 60. 45 frame limit compensates and it is perfectly smooth frame rate like if I'm playing it on my PS2 (which is gone now sadly). Now I've come to a nother problem, the graphics and framerate issue is SOLVED. Now the sound is kind of bothering me. The sound sometimes goes 'turbo mode' on me. It happens periodically but it does get annoying. I'm using default SPU pluggins for 1888. Have you heard of this issue? Meaning the sound (music specifically) speeding up and then returning to normal?