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Full Version: VPU Recover when playing FFXII !
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My video card is ASUS ATI HD5770, and works very well since I bought it. I just cleared DQ8 without any problem. But it often was recoverd when playing FFXII. The recover only probably occurs at shopping situation, for example buy weapon or item, all other situation and fighting has not any problem.
I'm very disturbed with this issue. I tried all video driver and has the same issue. My power is corsair VX450.
Now I don't know how to fix this isse, because other application and other game seems no problem. I tested the card with ATITool for 30m and no problem, but under pcsx2 and FFXII, about 10 minutes the VPU Recover issue must occur.
Anybody has some suggestion? Thanks!
try DX9 mode
I also get this issue (or something like it) with XGRA and a bit on Jak and Daxter.
already DX9 mode, I want to install Windows7 and try again.......
Try different versions of GSdx, what is your settings?
(02-25-2010, 04:04 PM)Shadow Lady Wrote: [ -> ]Try different versions of GSdx, what is your settings?

Using old gsdx version?
setting: 3x upscale; skipdraw=1; ee cycle=2x; all speed hack are on; mvu; others are default

see attachment, only that scene will occur this issue, all others are ok.