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Full Version: pcsx2 r1888 FRAME SKIP PROBLEM
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I have some questions regarding pcsx2 r1888.Why pcsx2 r1888 dosen't contain VU skipping option or when I use the frame skip option then graphics coruption take place, thats force me to use limit frames option but in pcsx2 0.9.6 there is no graphics coruption in frame skip option or in VU skipping option, i thought that, it is becoz VU cycle stealing option is available only in pcsx2 r1888 and at maximum(large speedup in 3D geometry) then i switch VU cycle stealing off and skip frames on but graphics coruption still there, whyy???????
What corruption? Actually... what are you talking about?

Please try to explain yourself better and use screenshots so we can understand better.
what he is saying is: why the latest public beta (r1888) dont have vu-skip.And that is beacuse this option breaks many games in different ways,so in newer revs this option is out and somewhat replaced by vu cycle stealing.And i know that in newer revs the frameskip really suck,compared to some older versions in wich skipping works pretty good,so my advice is to have an old version that have vu-skip,and the new one of course.
But what graphics corruption? And why would it stay after turning it off? Doesn't make any sense.
graphical corruption will take place when you skip frames in newer revisions,for example,when using r1888 and playing god of war 2,if you set frameskip at any value you will have a flashing kratos + missing textures,bur if you try a version with vu-skiping you wont get the kratos flashing stuff but either way the game crash when you play it for a certain amount of time.This is already tested by me,using pcsx2 r1888,and a vtlb version one.
Ah... that's not corruption, that's just... well skipping as the feature is called... xD
yeah indeed,now frameskipping is also considered a speedhack,or at least i see that way,so its pretty common such as all speedhacks that you will encounter some problems when using them
actually when i enable skip frames in pcsx2 r1888 then graphics are broken.

thanx diegochiha and shadow lady for providing me information about vu skip and frame skipping

sorry for poor enlishTongue