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Full Version: Save state not working?
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Hey, I recently started trying out pcsx2 to play a few of my old ps2 games and so far it's running much better than I expected Laugh

One problem I'm having is that save/load state isn't working for me at all. Nothing happens when I press f1-f3. I also can't take screens with f8.

I'm using the latest beta but I also downloaded the latest stable release and I have the same problem.

Anyone know how to fix this?

Try changing both your first/second controller plugin to Lilypad, what settings do you have? Does any kind of error appear in the pcsx2 output window when you press the keys?
Ah, that fixed it. Thanks Shadow Lady Laugh

I'm using xpad for my xbox 360 controller so I guess it somehow doesn't bind those keys.
Could be, not as updated as the other plugins too, well anyway enjoy :P
Shadow Lady.
your a smart girl so i got question.
my first/second controller are both lilypad but when ever i click F1 or the other nothing happen and when i go to file and save the PCSX2 close and said pcsx2 stop working.
and same thing happen everytime.