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Full Version: What does this mean ?
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What does this mean? Please take a look carefully and explain it to me.
I think it is quite obvious that it is the reading of your cpu speed. IIRC, it had been mentioned that the reading of that whole part such as core and speed was not totally accurate, so misread could occur sometimes.
Ok then can i fix it by using my own method or way ? Is that possible to do so ? But this only occurs sometimes when my pc is being noisy.
You don't need to fix anything, this doesn't do anything. Just shows you your CPU speed...even if it's wrong nothing changes.
It's a bug in the speed detection code, I think Air said it had something to do with threading issues or something.

In any case, it should have absolutely no effect on anything else. It's put in there as a helpful piece of data and isn't critical to the function of the emulator.
Well for noobie like me, i think i have misjudge my computer ability. 11GHz. O.o
Well, close the thread then.