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Full Version: Grandia 3 not playable??? Crash!!(Bug)
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Hey Guys!

I wanted to play grandia 3, but after the cutscene at the beginning, where you are flying with the airplane the game crashes. It just freezes.
So is Grandia 3 not playable???
I used the newest beta with newest plugins.
I tried native graphics and higher resolutions.
I tries changing advanced settings and speedhacks.
Nothing works, game just doesnt't work!
Why people are saying this game is playable?
Please give some hints how to play further than this cutscene.

Thanks in advance!

My Specs:

I7 720qm
hd 5730 oc 810/1060
4g ram
windows 7 ultimate 64
The game is playable, that same problem happened to me in version 0.9.6 but now that I tried it in the latest svn Builds, the problem is gone. If you are not using the latest svn Build (currently 2661), then get it and try it in that version to see if it gets through that cutscene. If not then let us know.
Where can i get these unofficial betas?
For pcsx2, go to this site and download it: *removed*

If you want the latest svn GSDX, go here: *removed*
Scroll down and open the PCSX2 folder, they should have the latest version of GSDX so far ( I think it is at r2660 now), pcsx2 is a little outdated there though.

btw: Keep in mind that these releases of pcsx2 are not stable and crashes may happen once in a while.
you could also enable skip cutscene in the menu of grandia 3.... Tongue