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Full Version: madse iso image but pcsx2 wont play it
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I've made a iso image out of a virtual cd game my friend gave me using the EPF plugin on the pcsx2. But wenever I try 2 play it comes up as a blank screen no sound or anything. does any1 kno anything I can do 2 make this game wrk?
pcsx2 settings, plugins settings, screenshots ?
Does it work correctly from the original disc? What is your PC specs? What settings? Any kind of error shown in the PCSX2 output window?
No errors in window. I can run other games like dark cloud but its a mdf image and iit plays physical cd games.
I have an alienware laptop m17x
Intel duo core
Nividia geforce 9400G
Its designed 2 play games so it not the computer iits must be something I did... :-\
I read a previous post that said I shuld turn the virtual cd into iso but now the iso isn't wrking :-\
First of all, you didn't provide enough details regarding the emulator version, plugins infos, and etc.
We can't help you without these infos.
I get a crash with MDF files made from the latest version of Alcohol 120%. Maybe a change in file format is causing the plugin to crash the emu?
Well I think I found the real problem. It not the image I made but the original iso seems to be corrupted -.- works now that I made an iso off the disk rather than a virtual cd