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Full Version: FFX International Cutscreens in Windowed
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Alright, i'm having two problems. First of which is Cutscenes in windowed.

Basically, I have a pretty poor computer, I wont lie, but with speed hacks and frame skipping its running fast. One of the problems though, is that cutscenes don't take up the whole window in windowed (not sure about fullscreen), half of it shows black, or game geometry of what I saw before the cutscene.

Second of which, I got to the thunder plains, and I get into a battle and no battle menu appears, and I cannot flee either. Did I rip my Bios and such improperly, is it because my bios are japanese? I don't understand.
No. It's probably Pcsx2 problem. Read this thread:

Now we already have 2 people that are experiencing the same problem...