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Full Version: Autopilot Control
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Hello guys.

I want to ask if this at the right place,it's about Turbo(autopilot?) Controller.

Currently I'm using PS3 controller.Thing is,I want to make "autopilot" play.I mean,in FFX I want to boost Karma damage for certain character.Each kill will add to 100 damage,total max of 99999.

So,I wanna do that at the arena.As if repeat pressing circle button in result fighting Dingo over and over again,only by pressing the circle button once.

Any idea?
I don't remember ever trying this but LilyPad have turbo function.Just select the button and enable turbo on it.
Well,I'm back.

Okay,I did just that.But still,it doesn't working properly.Whenever I set Turbo and Flip on(or whichever it is),it doesn't 'tap' the button consistently.I mean like...I gotta wait for it to auto-press in an uncertain time.Sometimes gotta wait 20 seconds before it tap.And next,5 sec.Later 7 seconds and so on.

Can I set it 1 second interval to the next tap?With consistent,of course.