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Full Version: need some help :D
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Hi all,
i want to play god hand with the savestats functions
it's really a hard game and on ps2 its really hard to pass a stage to save
it will be kind if you help me to configure it
here is my pc config :

4Go ram DDR3
ati 4650 1 Go

i tried with the GSdx 2763 (ssse41 because of my 8400 i dont know where i readed this ^^ )... i have to set it in direceX 11 hardware mode... cause if i set Dx 9 or 10 i have a shadow bug.... i toyed with speedhack but i cant have a realy good fps.... some help if its possible thx ^^

ps : sorry for my bad english thx and good day Laugh
Check 'native' in GSdx. It will look crap but the game is very GPU demanding and your graphics card is slow
that's what i see :s
i tryed zerogs but there is too much light... and when i remove it .... it remove all the fx in the game .... anyway thx for the answer ^^
i never thinked that i can play my ps2 games on pc Laugh
i will wait for a new version ^^
Did you try the latest beta? I don't know anything about the game other than the time I played it with a friend and he sent me flying up off the screen for like 20 seconds.
thx for the answers
sorry to ask this but
by last beta you mean 1888 ???
if it"s another form where i can have it ^^
thx Laugh