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Full Version: Naruto.Shippuden.Ultimate.Ninja.5.PAL. error
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I get this error when i'm using Gay or Lee here is a picture
[Image: error-1.jpg]
pc specs, plugins config ?

Pcsx2 settings ?
(04-10-2010, 06:07 PM)jesalvein Wrote: [ -> ]pc specs, plugins config ?

Pcsx2 settings ?

Intel E7400 2.8 ghz core
N-vidia 9800gt 1gb
2g drr2
pcsx2 beta r1888 sept 20 2009
Graphics GSDx 2693 (MSVC 15.00,SSE41) 0.1.16
Sound SPU2-X 1.0.0
Bios USA v02.20(10/02/2006) console

Tell me if you need any other specs
Enable mVU0/1 from CPU
ok i will try that

Yup now it works THNX a LOT
well mine's the jap version : Naruto Shippuuden: Narutimate Accel 2 and the game crashes just after the garra v deidara fight. then i saw this thread so i tried a lee vs gai fight and the game crashed also showing this:
[Image: crash.png]

my specs and settings are
intel Q9550 2.8ghz core2quad
7gb ram
ati 5850 1gb
pcsx2 0.9.6
Graphics GSDx 890 (MSVC 15.00,SSE2) 0.1.14
Sound SPU2-X 1.1.0
Bios Japan v01.00(17/01/2000) console
windows 7

i need a solution.
And use your own game, not a pirate copy!
Closed and warned, as per rule #1.