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Full Version: Concerns about CDVD plugins
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For the past hour I've been reading the various beginner FAQS on this site to see if I could solve this problem without bothering others but, assuming that this isn't due to my extremely outdated hardware, my efforts have been fruitless.

I am posting in the Plugins forum as it seems that I am having a problem with every Cdvdrom plugin for pcsx2, as every time I try to run any .iso with any of the default plugins, I get the following pop-up error messages.

Quote:Error loading (insert path and name of .iso)

Quote:Error Opening CDVD Plugin

After clicking OK at both pop-ups, pcsx2 continues to run at its start-up screen and gives me no other issues unless I attempt to run another .iso, in which case the two quoted pop-ups are repeated.

I've already checked the compatibility of the games I'm trying to play on that list provided by the pcsx2 team and they all are green ranked. Also, the following image should contain any specific hardware information that may be needed.

[Image: twaittogethiredsoicanbu.jpg]

Anyone willing to hold my hand to figure out what I'm doing wrong?
It seems that the plugin don't lead your ISO. Maybe your ISO is bad (corrupted), or you are doing something wrong.
Do you use Linuz ISO?
Try it, run it by run ISO image... and then select your ISO.
Or download alcohol120 or daemon tools, and use the virtual disk to load the ISO, then run it with gigaherz plugin.
I didn't even consider running it through daemon tools, thanks for the idea. Works fine now but I guess I have some more tinkering to see if I can't get more than 5 fps w/o upgrading everything in my antique tower.

Edit: Well. at least it runs. Guess I'll just have to wait for a few more paychecks and just get a better rig.
You have to change all your PC to get good speeds.
Try configuring the GSDX in software, it should give you some more FPS (not sure, anyway, but try it). Disgaea or fighting games seems to be the fastest, with speedhacks you should get some "good" speed (at least better than 5 FPS xD). Don't put all the speedhacks on, try the different combinations. For example, I get 6 more FPS with the x2 Cycle rate and 10 more with the INTC, but with both I get 9 FPS. And with IOPx2 alone I got 3 FPS more only, but if I use INTC+IOPx2, I got 12 FPS more, but if I put the x2 Cycle rate on, I got only 7 FPS more... All of this comparing them with no speedhacks.
Lastest beta is faster than the 0.9.6, try it if you already don't use it.
(04-14-2010, 03:08 AM)JOKERX7 Wrote: [ -> ][...]
Try configuring the GSDX in software, it should give you some more FPS (not sure, anyway, but try it).

I don't think the software mode will give him more fps. Why should it? I takes all the load to the CPU and not to CPU and GPU, as the hardware mode does. And I think his Pentium 4 will burn with this^^.

But I guess the problem could also be the GPU:

PCSX2 Minimum Hardware Requirements Wrote:GPU: Any that supports Pixel Shader model 2.0, except Nvidia FX series (broken SM2.0, too slow anyway)

Well, you got a FX, or do I see this wrong? Perhaps setting the resolution to "Native" could give you some speed. But I think your system won't give you a playable speed, even with speed hacks a.s.o. Sorry.