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Full Version: Gitarooman - delay problem
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Running Gitarooman at the moment, absolutely looks the business 60fps (dipping to ~55 now and again), 1920 x 1080 but obviously being a music/rhythm game, reactions are imperative. There is a slight delay of maybe 150ms I just can't get rid of, with VSYNC on its far worse and not sure what to do to help this situation. I have the audio on 50ms latency (near the lowest). Any tips?

PS. Playing on my real PS2 with the same game doesn't have this problem.

Edit- Using GSDx (latest) and VU steals set to off, just slows the visible frames.
Latency is not the emulators strong point. Especially so if you require speed hacks to get to full fps.
We improved SPU2-X latency a bit lately, but it won't fix obvious delays.

My suggestion: Wait for a new PCSX2 + plugins release.