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Full Version: using us & eu games with us & eu bios
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games used: final fantasy x-2 pal & kingdom hearts 2 ntsc (same thing is happening in any other game)

bios used: us 2.20 & eu 2.0

results: us bios region detection allows any game to play (pal games create that funny playstation logo)
[attachment=23386] [attachment=23385]
eu bios region detection doesnt allow ntsc games to play (image with memory cards and disk)
[attachment=23384] [attachment=23383]

pcsx2 settings have nothing to do with those results (except if u use ''reboot cdvd (fast)'' that doesnt even load the ps2 logo and goes str8 in the game)

this happens only on the new gui svn's, i am not posting it for support i dont need on this one! i am posting it so people can see how those 2 things work!

this started around svn 2540 (still not sure of the exact version it started thats when i 1st saw it happening and its the same till the latest one)
But I have played Tenkaichi 3 with Europe v2.00 BIOS except that I always skip right to the game SYSTEM=>BOOT CDVD (fast) Happy
i didnt say u couldnt! xD
I think that's what the skip bios hack is for Tongue2
to make it more clear i just demonstrate how those 2 bios "react" with us and eu games for the ones that maybe want to know (if there is anyone Tongue )