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Full Version: Patches/Codes are crashing my game.
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I tried to make a pnach for Colosseum road to freedom, but whenever I try to boot up the game with it loaded, my game just crashes.

I followed the guides on how to make a pnach so I'm not sure what I need to do. I even used the easy pnach maker tool, using the RAW codes from codetwink.

Can somebody help me out?
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well thats a common patch. the problem in some games is that u must find what to use in the patch code. in some codes u must use ,word, in others ,extended, and so on. also there seems to be a problem with the 1st digit of the code, some games dont like all the numbers.... example: kingdom hearts may not like the code starting with a 2 and a 6 (random values). u must find the codes that work on it. and if u are not using it allready use omniconverter to convert your codes to raw and then add values that they are missing (like patch=1,EE and so on...)
Ok, if I use omniconverter and then put that into the patch maker, will that work?
yep and then u copy those in the pnatch file with the same crc as the game in the patches folder. here is an example:

gametitle= Kingdom Hearts [SLUS 20370] (U)
//All Equipment
//AP Up
//Max Munny

(those with the // means that they will not be used, u must always have // if the sentence doesnt have a patch but something else, like describing the next patch) still u have to read lots of staff of how to use those perfect.
what i do is take the raw code and put in the start the: patch=1,EE, that is the same for everything and in the midle extended word or byte, what it will be depends on the patch and/or game. also as i said not all patches work so they crash the emulator. work around with those. its not something u will understand fully in 10 min Tongue
Ugh, I'm just trying to get 1 code to work, but it's so unnecessarily difficult. Either the emulator crashes or the code doesn't even work

I don't understand why we can't just use the codebreaker disc itself and just use normal codebreaker codes.
cause the emulator doesnt support it yet Tongue
well that particular code maybe doesnt work! its not rare for a code to not work even on real programs like action replay or gameshark! try searching the net for other codes in gameshark or codejunkies and use omniconverter to make them raw and do the whole thing again with them. i hope those will work (thats what i do most of the times and maybe search in google!)
Ok, I'm trying a PAL version of monster hunter.

Do I have to use PAL only codes or can I use any code?
if u take your codes from e.g. codejunkies yep u need pal ones. if its something else i dont really know u should check if they have different one's from where u take them. isnt that just logic?