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Full Version: GSdx Build 2693 runs slower than 1873
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GSdx Build 2693 runs up to 20% slower than GSdx 1873? Thats weird, is this normal? Tested it on FFX.
depends on the game, i have seen the new gsdx to be faster and slower at different games. thats the same with the new svn's also. for sure its more compatible! but if the old one works fine and faster with u then use it Tongue
Hmm, yeah I noticed that it was fixing a couple minor graphics problems but I lost 20%, so I switched back to 1873, doesnt seem worth it for FFX, I like playing my game beyond 100% sometimes.
why are you comparing 1873 and 2693?
public beta is 1888 and last svn is 304(x) - much could be changed since 2693
he compares the plugin in 1888 beta and the plugin in march plugins pack! not svn 2693 with 1888
Right, there could be many reasons.
I'd look into it if you have a bit more information Tongue2

I'm interested in screenshots showing FPS, if it happens in all scenes, your hardware specs and GSdx configuration.
Also if it's happening only in high quality GSdx settings, or rather generally.
Its happening generally, just overall slower. Tried playing through the first 10 minutes of the game, was running about 90% speed. Switched it back and now at about 110%.

Also to the poster above, no I'm not talking about PCSX2 1888, I'm talking about 'GSdx 1873 v 0.1.15', the last version before 'GSdx 2693 0.1.16'
I directly compared FPS in 2 good spots in FFX. Got the exact same FPS in dx10 hw and dx9 hw modes.
It's your system / setup.