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Full Version: pcsx2 freezing
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uhh.. specs: Intel Celeron D CPU 3.33GHz, 2.0GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS. did i leave out anything? i have windows vista SP2.

idk which plugin config screens i should specifically give.. so i got these two that i thought should be important.

EDIT: For gsdx I clicked the checkbox that says "Use original ps2 resolution: Native"
we need your cpu status also...

your graphics card is very bad for pcsx2. in gsdx use ONLY native ps2 resolution but still you will be bottlenecked from that
I seem to have a similar problem, as the program freezes up just as the window opens to whatever the next step might be. However, at that point I just get the swirling circle and my computer tells me that the program has stopped working and I need to close it. I started to notice the past few times that when I start it, it has two big red messages in the black output box tell me rom NOT FOUND and erom NOT FOUND. I have a Windows 7 Asus laptop with an intel core i3 chip. Hope that can help.
Since none the two gave actual useful information the best recommendation is: Uninstall it from C:\Program Files (x86) and install somewhere else, like C:\Games\PCSX2, for example.
so i downloaded this program tonight and when i try to load a iso image the playstation2 logo skips and then some kind of wide bar appears at the top of the screen any ideas as to how to fix this problem
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