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Full Version: Final Fantasy X-2 crash
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I finished FF X and now started FF X-2 with almost same settings because everything was alright till now.

Im going to last location in chapter I after defeat boss in Zarnakand and found sphere fragment.
I watching scene with Celcius and then Brother who call Gullwings, suddenly my PCSX2 close immediately with 0,00001 sec and Im not able to see console. Please help I attach screen soon
Lol it self fixed after i restarted PC because ESET found a virus in my memory Oo
anyway could you tell me is that the best settings for FF X-2?


AMD duo ~2,2GHz
ATI radeon HD 4670
2GB DDR 2 ram
you have windows or mac? i see you use the zero plugins only! you should use gsdx i think its better
also i cant find solution how to fix plants and grass looks like this.


Im use Windows XP
are you sure?
If yes please tell me settings the best for me
just use gsdx sse2 2693 and untick the allow 8 bits to fix the plants (if they are still like that) to get some more speed tick the "ps2 native resolution" or play with the d3d internal res. dont forget to use d3d9 hardware mode
I see black screen and sound only with these plugin and your options
have you updated your directX? your gpu drivers? if not do it cause it will help! also be sure to use pcsx2 1888 beta and march plugins! and in configuration use the latest in all options if you didnt already. also the march plugins pack has instructions you need to follow...
gsdx sse2 2693
pcsx2 0.9.6
and patches but I dont know how what to do with them

updating pcsx2 to 1888 and march plugins
read my post again. i told you to use 1888 beta with the march plugins. not 0.9.6 Tongue
works thanks

do u know someone who can have new FF X-2 save editor or who can make one simple save editor for me?

I want to have 100% but I dont know what I did wrong :/

I tried one editor (maybe only one) but my saves are 185kb!?! at start it had 180kb and I was able to edit them, but in middle chapter I they raised to 185kb and save editor doesnt work anymore for them :/
ok forget about save editor, I send an e-mail to old save editor developer with request to make an update.

1) I miss ANTI ALISING to improve game graphic a bit, how to turn it on again in this plugin?

2) I have problem during videos and when I press START or triangle in game.

In videos I see artifacts for example half screen is video and half is fragment of "Mission screen".

When i press START i see as background screenshot from game action while ago, for example boss fight.
When i go in shop i see same
When I press triangle i see for second between GAME SCREEN and TRIANGLE MENU screen similar to matter with START button.

How to fix them?
nah this plugin is total shiet, causing too many problems, now happened next one, with multi-subtitles (one subtitles above old one)

I back to old plugin which is much better
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